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Elance Steel is the steel fabricator of choice in Saskatchewan. Our comprehensive services include design, manufacture, and erection of Structural Steel, Metal Fabrication and Light Ornamental Steel Structures.

Fabricated structural steel trussOur speciality is trusses.

We supply fabricated structural steel trusses used in the construction at:

  • commercial
  • industrial
  • entertainment
  • athletic
  • institutional

We are a supplier to the mining, water, forestry, power, oil and gas markets. Every project we undertake is designed and fabricated in house. This ensures that we retain complete control over every aspect of the project from architectural design and fabrication to on site delivery and erection.

We focus on success

Elance Steel tackles challenging projects that competitors have said "couldn't be done." We find practical design solutions with a cost-effective approach. We have proudly achieved ISO 9001 certification, and our superior project management guarantees the completion of the project on budget and on schedule. Our fully equipped shop handles any challenge, which gives our customers a distinct advantage. Whether it's a large scale steel structure or a unique curved steel staircase, we will make it happen. We look forward to working with you.



Elance Steel

designs, manufactures
and erects Structural Steel,
Metal Fabrication and
Ornamental Steel Structures.
Trusses are our specialty.
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The Elance Group of Companies:

  • Elance Steel Fabricating Co. Ltd.
  • Elance Steel Erectors

Office and fabrication plant location:

40 Unger Street
North Corman Park
Saskatoon, SK.

Ph:   (306) 931-4412
Fax: (306) 931-7683